Betting Shop Pro (English Edition) por Benjamin Street

November 21, 2019

Betting Shop Pro (English Edition) por Benjamin Street
Titulo del libro : Betting Shop Pro (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 5, 2018
Autor : Benjamin Street
Número de páginas : 7

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Benjamin Street con Betting Shop Pro (English Edition)

How to Become a Professional Gambler

Ever wondered why so many people manage to make a living out of betting.

But not you?

I’m Benjamin, and just a few short years ago I was a struggling bettor.

My life was all about the small bets where I hoped to make a little bit of money here and there.

I would enter the bookies and place a bet on the favourite to win a race, my heart beating as I stood there, thinking I actually had a chance.

You see, it took a long time for me to realise that bookies loaded the races in their favour.

I know that this sounds like a little bit of naiveté, but I really did not understand that bookies had to make money too.

They did this by looking out for suckers like me, who were there and effectively blinded by the fact that there was such a thing as a ‘favourite’.

I would throw all of my money at the favourites and hope for the best.

Of course, the worst often happened.

This caused me no end of trouble, as I lost more money as time went on.

Eventually, a friend of mine introduced me to systems.

He was a mentor, and he changed the way I looked at betting on a fairly comprehensive level.

What I found out from my mentor within just a few short weeks is that there were a select few bettors out there who, at that moment in time, were betting for a living.

They were not just having a flutter, like I was; instead they were actually treating betting as a day job, whereby they would effectively draw their ‘salary’ on a weekly basis.

This would obviously take some practise.

My problem, as I explained to my mentor, was that I could not see how anyone could possibly make a living wage out of the horses.

I soon found out how it could be done.

As soon as my mentor got to work on me and brought me information on hundreds of betting systems, I began to tap into the amazing amount of betting systems that would bring you regular income if they were used properly.

Within days of my use of systems, I was looking at regular income.

Nothing too big, but definitely a nice source of regular spending money.

I was pretty much living a charmed life, as I got better at the stuff, I found myself able to live a more leisurely lifestyle.

At one point – the point where I knew things were taking off – I found myself able to wake up when I wanted, and to just spend four hours a day making money with online betting.

Then the most amazing thing happened...

In my quest for the right formula, the right way of betting that would bring me guaranteed results that were unlimited in their scope, I asked my mentor for more help.

Now, he is not a pushover, and when he finds a system he really loves, he often keeps it to his chest for a few years so that he can make sure the system is not abused by anyone else.

This time though, he had something special he wanted to share.

After trying out Betting Shop Pro for just five hours I was starting to find major profits.

The system is foolproof.

If you love betting on horses, then the system is so easy to use it will bring you results in super quick time.

All you need to create a betting career on the horses is in the special report ‘Betting Shop Pro’.

The system takes about an hour to learn and to practise virtually.

Practising virtually means you follow bets on races, without actually spending any money.

I recommend you do this just to check the power of the system.

After getting used to it. You will find that:

•It runs itself; all you have to do is show up and bet. You will know exactly which horses to bet on instinctively once you have done it a few times
•It will bring you a recurring income
•The recurring income is only limited by the number of hours you sleep. There are horse races going on all over the world

To get your hands on one of the limited copies of Betting Shop Pro, buy it now.

If you want a sure fire way of betting for a living, you need to go for this.